Transform your capabilities with Paraffin’s Best Practice 2020 series

Work is changing, but learning and best practice should continue especially at times like these. L&D, capability building and behaviour change are crucial for employers to stay in the lead.  The speed of change means we need a culture of continuous learning in order to gain the skills, knowledge and experience for today’s working world.

But who has time to learn? Surely it’s just more important to react to immediate shifting situations? Isn’t everyone too busy doing their job? It can be tempting to focus on the here and now, and of course that is important, but so is truly understanding what we want to achieve with learning programmes and why.

The truth is, in this rapidly changing landscape where new types of capabilities have emerged, how we deliver learning has not evolved enough.

That’s why we’ve designed our Paraffin Best Practice Series, to upskill ourselves and our L&D and Capabilities colleagues in leading edge thinking around the challenges of the continuous learning culture.

“Best Practice 2020 focuses on the 5 learning challenges any learning professional faces, exploring the tools and content essential for equipping our learners for every eventuality” says Pam Hamilton, MD at Paraffin

Each learning challenge will be delivered by webinars and training events accompanied by a suite of reference resources, tools and on demand material to pick up and use immediately.

  1. Briefing and kick offs explore how to start strong by setting, shaping and delivering project briefs that unlock measurable impact
  2. Measure success overviews the challenges and best ways to validate your return on investment
  3. Increasing relevance and engagement gives advice on using live action and compelling content to personalise learning journeys
  4. New immersive experiences shows you how to solve complex business questions fast by creating ideas, collaborating and co-creating in person or remotely
  5. On-demand provides you on-going learning experience advice via catch up and on demand resources

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