Better briefing: the key to project success

Every project starts with a brief, but not all briefs are created equal. Briefs have the power to make or break a project – and yet so often they’re treated as a tick box exercise. 

We believe that a project’s outcome is only as good as its starting point, which is why we want to help everyone to do better briefings.


Our research has shown us briefings are becoming MORE challenging than ever because:

  • Virtually connected, diverse teams struggle to find the headspace to align
  • People don’t have the time to fully discuss project outcomes
  • Project budgets and timings are more limited than ever

We interviewed industry leaders working in the biggest global businesses for best practice briefing tools, techniques and top tips.  Based on our distilled findings, we have designed a 2-hour free online training session to provide you with a best practice toolkit for Better Briefings, featuring the 3 stages of a brilliant brief:

  1. Creating the brief
  2. Exploring the brief
  3. Kicking off the project with the team and stakeholders

In each area we will be exploring the common traps that might derail or dilute your project’s impact. We will also share best practice to help you to avoid ambiguity, low engagement and misalignment on a brief.

You will leave the training with:

  • A simple structure that can be applied to any project – regardless of size or topic
  • Helpful tools to enable you to define the outcome, align stakeholders and set project practicalities

Whether you are agency or client-side you will have the confidence and knowledge you need to create, challenge and refine briefs for the most successful project impact.