“We draw on fundamental skills to refresh and energise people, enabling them to best articulate creative concepts”

Capability need: Innovation is the lifeblood of any business.  Our client’s Innovation team were focused on ensuring new concepts were clearly articulated to avoid good ideas being lost through poor articulation.  There was a need to get teams to revisit the fundamental skills of concept crafting.

Paraffin approach

We created a set of bespoke concept crafting principles with clear practical examples of how to deploy them, and rolled these out across 5 global regions.  These easy reference principles helped teams take a step back and reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of concept crafting.

The session was ruthlessly focused on building new skills.  Teams practiced crafting a concept using a parallel category example, to hone their new skills. We are passionate advocates for ‘live action’ capability building and used this approach for concept crafting.  Teams used their new skills to improve existing ‘live’ concepts in the business, with the session culminating in a live debrief for the concept owners to pick up and run with.

When developing any new skill, immediate reinforcement is critical.  We had post workshop coaching sessions with one of our concept crafting experts so they could use their new skills on concepts that really mattered to the business.


Participants had their passion for concept crafting reignited.  They rated the course as being both relevant and valuable for their roles. The client shared their new principles with their concept testing research partner, ensuring the new capability was completely embedded into existing ways of doing things.

“We improved our concepts to a new level with your help and the sessions were very valuable to us. We had an amazing experience in the workshop and the coaching sessions!”

“Loved the new principles – made it really easy to have a framework that we could practically apply”

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