“We create the right conditions for highly passionate and capable teams to deliver long-standing projects to market”

Live Action Need: To align and invigorate a highly passionate and capable project team on how to most effectively cross the finish line and delivery a long-standing cross category beauty brand project to market by 2020. 

Paraffin Approach

We worked hand-in-hand with the client to design a 3-day agile workshop tailored to meet fluid client needs

  • Blended experts (industry influencers, Agile and external category experts) and consumers to inform, inspire and develop an action plan up to brand launch
  • Added colour and intrigue to the session throughout by designing highly visual category and adjacent category case studies from around the globe
  • Brought the team closer to their consumers by combining a pre-task activity, with an informal yet guided, discussion about life and beauty over lunch

· Worked alongside an Agile Scrum Master to ensure the session brought to life the new way of working the business was looking to implement


A highly motivated, aligned and excited team who were very clear on how the project goal could, and would, be achieved

Clear project actions and milestones to maintain project focus and momentum

Loved the energy from Paraffin, the enthusiasm, fun and pace. Was so happy to join again the final day and see the concepts being brought to life.
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