“We create experiences to build consumer empathy”

Live Action Need: A leading and global haircare brand wanted to build the cross-function team’s empathy with their consumers to ensure consumers were at the centre of every decision. They asked us to create an enjoyable learning experience for their quarterly global get-together.

Paraffin approach

We created a consumer-focused experience for 50 team-members to lead relaxed and insightful conversations with key consumers from around the world – both face to face and through online video interviews.

  • To build empathy we created a discussion toolkit that provided both the stimulus and confidence for the mixed ability team to quickly get beyond superficial conversations with consumers.

We tailored the toolkit, facilitation style and exercises so that the experience struck a balance between relevance (to individual’s function/role) and being enjoyable, convivial and memorable for future decision-making.


  • 50 attendees led insightful conversations with 35 people in 4 continents in a few hours, during a one day session, which then led to a key insights, ideas and opportunities workshop
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback with attendees appreciating the opportunity to build empathy with people from around the globe and being moved to make different decisions based on the experience
I like the dynamic pace and the high involvement. It allows co-creation and objective understanding from ideation.
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