“We make key insights visible and memorable”

Content Need: It is so important to keep consumers in mind in every decision we make for our brands, but people are busy and they don’t always have time to sit through long consumer insight presentations.  We wanted to make key insights and consumer types visible and memorable for our business partners to make it easy for them to have them in mind in every meeting.

Paraffin approach

Building on a long collaboration with the Paraffin team we worked with their in house design department to bring key insights to life in visual, infographic styles to grab attention and inspire our teams.

We worked to boost the key insight messages we wanted to land, and made our consumers and their needs memorable in a variety of content including booklets, posters and workshop stimulus.


Global Deodorants consumers are at the centre of all our ideas and decisions because the team have them so clearly in their minds.

The insights team have the materials and content they need to bring consumer insights and impact to any workshop or meeting.

Our insights work gets a greater return on investment as it lasts longer and has a bigger impact on decisions across the business.

Jen Whyte, CMI Director, Deodorants Category

Loved the energy from Paraffin, the enthusiasm, fun and pace. Was so happy to join again the final day and see the concepts being brought to life.
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