Live Action Need: A leading FMCG brand asked us to host an inclusive workshop for all their global team to focus on Wellbeing.

Paraffin Approach

  • We selected a venue with the technical capability we required for running a hybrid workshop. We used a room big enough for the UK attendees, furnished with 2 big TV’s that could be connected to 2 different laptops (1 for displaying slides, 1 for displaying the virtual attendees), a Logitech conferencing camera and 2 portable mics.
  • We designed the session so that the virtual attendees would join, on Teams, for a max. of 2 hours at different points in the day, to accommodate different time zones.
  • To ensure all attendees had coverage of the same exercises, no matter their location, we shared materials in advance, asked the virtual attendees to do some exercises as prep work and the facilitator ran some exercises with them over Teams whilst the UK team were on break.
  • This meant the time together was reserved for discussion and feedback. We ensured everyone had a voice and that the virtual attendees could see and hear everyone in the room by a having a person dedicated to the virtual experience.
  • This virtual assistant moved the camera and mics to follow the action occurring in the physical room, reminded the facilitator to call on the virtual group for feedback and questions and used chat to check they could hear, see and understood everything required of them.


  • We re-grouped a week later for groups to present their ideas and were pleased to see teams from different locations had re-connected in between the sessions, for ‘hybrid groupwork’.
  • The virtual team were incredibly thankful for the care and attention given to their experience at the session. Usually, they feel overlooked and forgotten.
  • We got to a great output: everyone identified their own personal values, collaborated as a team to align on team values and everyone on the team got equal investment on wellbeing from their Manager.


Usually we feel forgotten but not in this session, we really felt like we were there with the team!
Participant from Latin America
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