“We are passionate in supporting progressive gender portrayal”

Capability Need: To create an engaging learning  and behavioural change programme for Diageo’s entire marketing community and all partner agencies in order to drive a more progressive gender portrayal in communications.

Here’s a film Diageo made about our project:

Paraffin approach

Created the content, training materials, workshop design and coaching to roll out the Progressive Gender Portrayal project to help Diageo and Creative partners portray women and men in a more nuanced and un-stereotyped way. We leant on our knowledge of  learning science to create the design and drive behavioural change.

  • Materials included: 7 films, bite size interactive exercises, easy to use templates / guides etc
  • Diageo put questions about gender stereotyping into their pre-testing research tool , which has made a big difference to outcomes and demonstrates measurably the difference the training has made.
  • This work was shared at Cannes and the UN in New York, and resulted in a Unilever+Diageo partnership in this space – where we subsequently created a playbook and workshop for the Unstereotype Alliance Summit at the UN in 2019.


The entire Diageo marketing community and all their partner agencies were trained. A white paper that Paraffin wrote about this work, in collaboration with Diageo, was nominated for best paper at ESOMAR, and after Diageo presented this work at the United Nations Unstereotype Alliance, we were asked by the UN to create a bespoke framework for them to roll out to all members of The Unstereotype Alliance, which we did in partnership with Unilever and Diageo. Our joint work achieved accolade by winning Silver at the TJ Awards for ‘The Best Diversity and Inclusion’ programme and was shortlisted for the European Diversity Awards.

The Exec Board were really complimentary about the standard of the work and the depth of thinking
Executive Board for UN Stereotype
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