“We bring diverse people and organisations together to tackle complex issues”

Capability Need: To bring together diverse people and organisations to work collaboratively on complex issues like rough sleeping, childhood obesity and exploitation of young people.

Paraffin Approach

A series of independently facilitated collaborative workshops between Portsmouth City Council, the Voluntary and Community Sector, charities and faith groups, Public Health and CCG.

  • Non-hierarchical participation by all members of the community and society
  • Co-creation between end clients, advocates, organisations and people
  • Cross-political engagement and alignment by elected members


  • Significantly raised trust levels between all sectors and organisations
  • True, equal collaboration and participation, resulting in commitment to outcomes
  • Person-centred solutions for people, families and communities
  • Money-saving partnerships and new projects funded and community networks within Portsmouth strengthened for the longer term
  • A toolkit to empower people to run their own Project Bridge workshops
  • The development of a The Hive, a new central resource for the people of Portsmouth to find support and resources
  • Most recently, Project Bridge have won a massive bid for 2 high streets in Portsmouth to benefit from the £1 billion Future High Streets Fund. The bid was co-created by residents, landlords, business owners, community groups and local government using the Project Bridge method. Watch a short film about the project here:


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There is so much we got out of the co-creation sessions - It feels like we have reset the narrative and reset the preconceptions people once had.
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