“Businesses need to understand Gen Z and Millennials better in order to be more relevant to them in both products and communications.”

Experience need: Our global multinational client wanted to provoke and inspire their board level, cross category Personal Care team, by exposing them to latest Gen Z and Millennial trends, especially the importance of social purpose driven brands, to feed into strategic planning.

Paraffin approach

We created 5 different experiential journeys for the team to understand and interact with emerging trends in health & beauty, sustainability and purpose, sending them on a curated journey of London-based independent outlets, pop ups, retailers and small businesses, with these activities:

  • First-hand Millennial and Gen Z conversations to stretch thinking
  • Bespoke itineraries created to bring alive specific trends
  • Expert speakers telling the purpose behind their business
  • Live Instagram feed of experiences to record learnings and give stimulus for later sessions


Every board level decision-maker had first hand experience of real people at the heart of their future demographic.  People were provoked and inspired to make braver decisions regarding purpose, sustainability and innovation for strategic decision-making.

Thank you for leaving the teams inspired and energised for new ideas. Hats off to your energy, professionalism and planning!
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