Our Core Team
Pam is MD of Paraffin. She is a teamwork and collaboration expert and author of Supercharged Teams: 30 Tools of Great Teamwork and The Workshop Book, How to Design and Lead Successful Workshops. Pam's mission is to change the way the world works together, for the better, one team at a time. Pam has a background in psychology and collective intelligence, and specialises in insight, innovation and capabilities journeys.
Alison Darling
Head of Resources
Matching a project’s objective with the best skills, talent and experience from our global team.
Anna Johnson
Production Lead
Developing the how and wow of a project through truly original and thought provoking content.
Nicola Waterman
Head of Design
Managing our teams of designers and illustrators to create clear, inspiring and beautiful project content.
All our bespoke work is made possible by our truly diverse team of project leaders, facilitators, experts, content managers and graphic designers.
We pride ourselves in always having the right people on every project, no matter where they are based in the world.
Who we are
In the late 1800s, A Scottish chemist named James Young invented the process that extracted Paraffin from coal. Paraffin was the first safe, affordable fuel that people could use for light. Before Paraffin, light after dark was a luxury reserved for the rich. For the first time, Paraffin gave people the light they needed for studying, socialising, collaborating and inventing. Pam Hamilton, Founder, is James Young’s 4 x great granddaughter
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