Our Approach
The Paraffin Difference

Human centred, science backed

We use the latest methods from psychology, neuroscience, and collective intelligence to supercharge capabilities and innovation

Bringing insights and learning to life

We create impactful and immersive experiences, whether in person or virtual – no awkward role plays or death by PowerPoint

Provocative perspectives

We break teams out of bad habits and challenge blind spots and biases, so you can achieve results that you wouldn’t get to on your own

Creative AND commercial results

We never lose sight of the commercial results, which is why we measure ROI and benchmark behaviour change from the project start

Paraffin Project Guarantees

  • Trusted, professional partnership
  • 100% tailored to you
  • No cut and paste content
  • No irrelevant or outdated information
  • Full costing transparency

We are experts in

  • Capabilities
  • Workshops (in person and online)
  • Teamwork
  • Collective intelligence

Example business solutions
Paraffin has provided

Creating an anti-gender stereotyping framework for training marketing partners and advertising agencies

Transforming insights teams to take the lead on strategy and storytelling

Deeply understanding the needs of Millennials and Gen Z consumers to kick start product innovation

Developing disruptive business model innovation to create new direct to consumer products and services

Creating immersive experiences to transform the beliefs and behaviours of the C Suite

Who we work with

Transformation, Learning and Development, and Capabilities clients with ambitious behaviour change objectives

Innovation and insights teams to co-create commercially successful ideas that anticipate consumer needs

Global, hybrid and remote teams to maximise their collective intelligence and teamwork

World leading, blue chip organisations including Unilever, Diageo, GSK, Tesco, Pernod Ricard and Essity

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