Paraffin’s top online workshop platforms

Why Online Workshops

Paraffin is an elite team of remote workers that deliver high quality, bespoke capability training in conjunction with leading multinational organisations. In other words, we help people build and embed high-performance behaviours by building on their own strengths and our best practice.

Recent events have prevented global teams from coming together to collaborate in meetings, workshops and conferences. In this article, we offer our top choices of platforms to support co-workers and clients to strengthen their skills in conducting online workshops.

Online workshops mean evolving our behaviours

All of us that work in the business have come from a culture of joining meetings by teleconference. And the culture we’re currently used to is joining on time or slightly late, not having done the prep work, and try to work through our technology hitches because we’ve not practised it beforehand. Basically, the habits that we’ve created over time are inherent in every business and organisation and they are directly standing in the way of good online workshops and online working habits. But once we’ve identified that, we have the ability to change them.

So, the key message we would like to share is that technology is only part of the answer for doing great online workshops, it’s not the whole answer and it’s not an excuse for it not going well. Online platforms and technologies are there to help us do great work even when we are working remotely. When used right they can amplify strengths we already have and evolve our behaviour into best practices.

Please contact us to learn more and to get our full research on Paraffin’s top choices of online platforms to use for online communication, collaboration and events.