How to run high impact online workshops [Free]

Thank you for your interest in the Free Run High Impact Online Workshops training.

The free training contains bite-sized information that outlines key components required to ensure an online workshop is a success. We demonstrate how technology can enable and assist a workshop and go into detail on the four stages of essential best practice: workshop design, workshop preparation, the workshop itself and successful output.

Our next event will cost £200 per ticket, but we are offering an early booking rate at £150.
Please email us to register your interest for the next paid event, or why not contact us to arrange a bespoke training for your team?


About Run High Impact Online Workshops training  

Attending meetings and workshops in person isn’t always possible, especially now. We’ve spent years helping people collaborate remotely – and it’s definitely not asking people to join a day-long workshop from a conference call phone in the corner! This event will showcase all our training topics live, so you get to experience what you may host or facilitate yourself.


There will be four sections to the event:

  • WORKSHOP DESIGN where we share how we set objectives and identity, how we decided on diverse participants, set up logistics and considered inspiration and inputs.
  • WORKSHOP PREP WORK demonstrates the essential skills of how to send inspiring invitations, how to find a local host, issue prep tasks in advance and the set up of a WhatsApp group. We’ll go through how efficient it is to record a debrief. Lastly, we’ll go through the logistics of printing templates prior to the event and how to do a tech check.
  • WORKSHOP FACILITATION will be a chance for us all to experience the ‘live-action’ and complete the examples in real-time during the event. We will actually complete the task at hand. This gives us a chance to measure how people feel, the outputs they produce and capture feedback and highlights.
  • WORKSHOP OUTPUT will wrap up and demonstrate the most effective way to share an edited film of the training and the resources used.

Past Paraffin Online Workshop Training:

  • Thursday, 26th of March, 16:00 – 18:00 GMT SOLD OUT!
  • Thursday, 26th of March, 08:00 – 10:00 GMT SOLD OUT!
  • Thursday, 9th of April, 08:00 – 10:00 BST SOLD OUT!
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