At Paraffin we have our own social purpose initiative, called Project Bridge. This is a way to bring the skills of our team into our local communities to facilitate collaboration and change cultures where we live and work.
What is Project Bridge?
Over the past 3 years, Paraffin has worked with The Hive in Portsmouth to develop a proven person-centred, co-creation method called Project Bridge that is now being used across the UK.

Project Bridge is a workshop method that activates trust and collaboration between local government, the voluntary and community sector and residents.

Through Project Bridge, the Paraffin have volunteered to lead over 15 workshops to successfully address many complex issues such as child exploitation, bringing people home from the hospital, supporting disabilities, volunteering, sitting services, the reunification of care, personalisation and childhood obesity.

Project Bridge brings together the local authority, the voluntary and community sector and cross-party elected members with local residents to solve some of the most important priorities. This is our way to give back to our local communities.

Paraffin is a bridge between the corporate and public sector. We apply our best practice in workshops and co-creation to enable collaboration on local community issues.

Our team can do good by doing what we do best, volunteering our time and skills as facilitators.

Paraffin gives people the freedom to bridge personal and professional lives within a framework of training and support on Project Bridge work.

Our Case Studies
We train and mentor the global Paraffin facilitator network to apply the Project Bridge method in their local communities. See our Case Studies below.
Rough sleeping
Case Study
Objectives: To bring together all services involved in helping to reduce rough sleepers to share information and collaborate to support those most vulnerable. Outcomes: Co-creation of a person-centred needs framework for all agencies to have in mind when working with rough sleepers. A new approach to the rough sleepers strategy that prioritises mental and physical health, and the importance of hearing the individual’s stories.
Young people at risk of exploitation
Case Study
Objectives: To solve this complex issue we aligned police, child services, education, leisure, business, transport, health, housing and the council. Outcomes: A city-wide movement and campaign that protects the young people in Portsmouth from exploitation, and empowers them, their families and communities to be more resilient against those who wish to exploit them.
Case Study
Objectives: To make volunteering sustainable by attracting new volunteers and supporting existing volunteers. Outcomes: We created The HIVE Portsmouth, the physical presence of The HIVE is based at the Portsmouth Central Library. The HIVE is the central point of contact for services and community connection and is committed to bringing together the VCSE in the city, building a happier, healthier and more connected city.
Childhood obesity
Case Study
Objectives: To align on a vision for how to tackle childhood obesity in Portsmouth across a diverse group of contributors. Outcomes: We created innovative ideas, positivity towards health and anti-obesity for children and everyone in Portsmouth, with ideas to help schools, parents and children to support healthier lives
Supporting disabilities
Case Study
Objectives: To agree on the way we can work together going forward between the different agencies and organisations that work in supporting disabilities across Portsmouth. Outcomes: We developed a city wide plan for supporting people with disabilities, including transport, community groups, local businesses and health.
Project Bridge works in partnership with the HIVE Portsmouth
Project Bridge enables us to engage with people to build better services for the future. Project Bridge is facilitated by independent professionals from Paraffin, and has been used across the UK.
HIVE Portsmouth is an equal partnership of community, voluntary and public sector organisations working to bring people together to build a happier, healthier and more connected city in Portsmouth. Through Project Bridge, working with the HIVE Portsmouth and Paraffin we create the environment for people to work well together. Email:
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