We bring fresh perspectives and independent thinking to every project, working with the best brains in the business. We create the right team to deliver your objectives with our experts in capabilities, behaviour change, content, facilitation, insight and innovation.
What we do
Fresh perspectives and independent thinking

Who we are

Paraffin people are by nature independent thinkers. We have all worked in the world’s best companies on the biggest brands. We now choose to work in Paraffin for the leading-edge work, excellent clients and the clever people we get to work with.

How we work

We are a deliberately diverse network who work with the right people on the right project. We have a strong company culture of trust and transparency. Our clients know us to be the most creative, efficient, and results-driven consultants they work with.

Our values

We believe that people do better work when they enjoy working together, respect and value each other, and support each other through project challenges and in achieving both personal balance and career purpose.

Our Core Team
Pam Hamilton is MD of Paraffin. Pam is the author of The Workshop Book currently researching and writing a new book on ''The Future of Teamwork''. Pam has a background in psychology, collective intelligence research, insight and innovation.
Alison Darling
Head of Resources
Matching a project’s objective with the best skills, talent and experience from our global team.
Anna Johnson
Head of Content
Developing the how and wow of a project through truly original and thought provoking content.
Anne Nørholm Iversen
Head of Design
Managing our teams of designers and illustrators to create clear, inspiring and beautiful project content.
All our bespoke work is made possible by our truly diverse team of project leaders, facilitators, experts, content managers and graphic designers.
We pride ourselves in always having the right people on every project, no matter where they are based in the world.
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