We are Paraffin
An award winning
capabilities and innovation agency
We supercharge people and teams to perform, innovate and collaborate
Introducing Paraffin
We use human-centred, experience-based learning to create high-impact, long-lasting behaviour change
We are recognised by leading global organisations for the commercial impact we create. Over 10 years, we have earned a world-class reputation in capabilities and innovation work with our loyal client base

Our Services


Inspiring and impactful learning programmes that create lasting behaviour change


Bespoke insight and innovation sprints that build commercially successful ideas

Online Workshops

Virtual experiences for remote, hybrid or global teams to learn and innovate


Immersive journeys to provoke deeper level thinking and engagement

Supercharged Teams

Teamwork sprints to reset teams to work together better


Bespoke materials curated by our multi-disciplinary team to bring to life learning and insights
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Our clients

An award-winning agency

Examples of successful projects

Anti Gender Stereotype Training

An award-winning learning  and behavioural change programme for Diageo’s entire marketing community and partner agencies to drive progressive gender portrayal in communications


Agile Beauty Innovation

A 3-day agile workshop to align a highly passionate project team on how to most effectively cross the finish line and deliver a long-standing, cross-category beauty brand project to market

In the late 1800s, A Scottish chemist named James Young invented the process that extracted Paraffin from coal

Paraffin was the first safe, affordable fuel that people could use for light. Before Paraffin, light after dark was a luxury reserved for the rich.

For the first time, Paraffin gave people the light they needed for studying, socialising, collaborating and inventing.

Pam Hamilton, Founder, is James Young’s 4 x great granddaughter

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Working with Paraffin is a dream, they are action focused, timely, provide great stimulus and creative thinking. I would recommend them 100%

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